Villa Kigali welcomes you to share an overwhelming Afro-fusion cuisine experience in collaboration with the well-known and famous chef Dieuveil Malonga.
This award-winning chef with culinary skills at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe was a finalist of the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize 2018.
Located in Kigali, the newly launched MEZA Malonga has already been acclaimed by Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine as one of the “world’s best restaurants”.
Malonga and his team are storytellers of the history of the people and lands behind each ingredient. The lush District of Musanze, Rwanda is the soil of our homegrown fruits and vegetables. With Maasai, Bantu, Zulu influences and beyond, Dieuveil Malonga’s cuisine reveals the splendor, uniqueness and complementarity of African nations.
We are proud to offer our clients this superb food experience in Villa Kigali. As you enjoy your lunch or diner in a warm memorable atmosphere, Malonga and his team are just there for you in your private, open kitchen to celebrate this gastronomic experience together.
Interaction with the chef and tasting his signature Afro-Fusion lunches and dinners, are a gastronomic, cultural, and unforgettable inspiration.
“Food is so much more than just eat”.

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